[RFI] TV Cable Information and TVI

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A good treatise for dealing with cable-TVI problems is found at:


I wrote it a few years back for Communications Technology, a cable industry trade journal. My expectation was that coming from their journal, cable operators would have more confidence in the results.

If you do have a problem with a cable company, feel free to print it and use it as needed. If that doesn't work, send email to rfi@arrl.org, with a brief history of your problem and information about your system location. Our RFI guru will send that to Ron Hranac, N0IVN, our contact in the cable industry. Ron knows all the senior technical folks at most cable companies, so he is really good at helping get corporate-level "support" for your local problem.  So far, he is batting about 95%, so it is a pretty good bet.

This email is also my periodic reminder that there is a lot of good RFI stuff at:


And buy the ARRL RFI Book!  It is not only a great resource to have at your fingertips, with chapters on all sorts of info, reprints of the now-out-of-print FCC material, but it sure helps pay for the full-time RFI staff we keep here at ARRL HQ! :-)  See http:/www.arrl.org/catalog/6834. If you have a copy of the old book, you will like the new one. If your cover looks like the one in our catalog, you have the latest and greatest, so spend your money on a filter or something. :-)

Carlos, please forward this to the tower-talk reflector; I am not subscribed to that one.  

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> Dear friends,
> That is the situation I am facing right now.... After many 
> years operating with a vertical antenna I moved to my own apartament 
> and got permission to install a small tribander Yagi. I 
> decided for a 2 element Yagi simply because it is small and 
> is discreet. The antenna was installed on a 18 ft self 
> supported tower, however, for safety reasons,  I installed 
> guy wires at each 90 degrees (the tower has a squared base).
> Well, the only place I have to bring the coax and rotor 
> cables from the roof to the second floor (where is located my 
> apartment) is the same place where the 75 ohms antenna tv 
> cable passes. Does anyone have experienced the same 
> situation? TVI will happen for sure? The antennas (my 2 el 
> yagi, the VHF tv antenna and the directv dish) are very close 
> up there anyway. The only place available to install antennas 
> on the roof is an area of 24 ft x 12 ft. 
> I am asking that (and do not try directly) because the cable 
> will show up in the main room and I will have to break the 
> floor or the the wall to bring the cables to the shack. Big 
> work... big problem with the wife. If TVI is sure I will have 
> to start again the lobby work with the neighbors to pass the 
> cable outside the building (this second option is hard to accomplish).
> I would like to hear some comments.
> 73 and thank you in advance
> Carlos  PY4RO (ex PY1CAS ex PT2HO)
> www.qsl.net/py4ro
> E-mail: py4ro@superig.com.br
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