[RFI] Disconnecting from Internet?

Richard Zalewski w7zr at citlink.net
Tue Apr 29 09:47:07 EDT 2003

I had many problems similar when switching from an internal to external
modem.  I switched from a Speedstream 5700 that uses a ac-ac cube tap supply
to a Speedstream 5200 that uses a ac-dc cube tap.  That seems to have made
major difference.  So it appears that for me the problem was rf getting into
the modem via the supply voltage.

Hope this helps.
Dick W7ZR

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When using more than about 60W on HF I get disconnected from the Internet.
Its only on some bands but its still very annoying.

I have tried ferrite rings round the telephone cable near the computer but
it hasn't helped. I have a very small garden so am unable to get the antenna
further away from the house. I have a simple wire doublet that runs from the
chimney above the room down to the end of the garden, in the centre there is
ladder line down to a SGC-230 tuner mounted on the wall. There is a small
choke balun before the coax from the tuner goes back to the shack and I also
have a choke balun in the shack.

Any suggestions on what to do??

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