[RFI] Ground Question

Bill Turner w7ti at dslextreme.com
Tue Feb 4 18:59:34 EST 2003

On Tue, 04 Feb 2003 18:29:33 -0800, Mark wrote:

>Well, Bill ... the 6 el 10M Monobander, on a separate 60' tower, pretty much
>worked whomsoever I wished ... DO NOT THINK I LOST 3 dB WITH THAT WAAAARRR


A yagi on the other end?  Now that's a different issue.  I thought you
were trying to use your "ground" as part of the antenna system.

But on the other hand, why wasn't all of your RF going to the
monobander?  Something's still not quite right.  If the feed to the
monobander was balanced (balun at the feed point probably) there should
have been no RF in the shack - not enough to notice anyway.

The thot plickens.

73, Bill W7TI

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