[RFI] Low Voltage light RFI

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Fri Jul 11 14:24:38 EDT 2003

I ran into this same problem when I installed some halogen "puck" lights in the kitchen. Switching supplies wiped out HF reception.  For the new house, I specified the "magnetic transformer" option for the lights and it is RFI-quiet.

Imagine: magnetic transformers - what will they think of next!


"N6KJ" <kelly at thejohnsons.ws> wrote:

>Last night I tracked down one of the sources of RFI in my neighborhood.
>It turned out to be the low-voltage walkway lights I put in about 6 weeks
>ago.  The lights are halogen lights manufactured by Malibu and the
>transformer(s) are made by Hampton Bay.  Does anyone else have experience
>with this?  Is this a problem with all of these lights or is it unique
>to this/these manufacturer(s)?  Is this usually a transformer issue,
>a light issue, or a wiring issue?  Is there anything I can do, except rip them
>out or turn them off when I operate the rig?  Are there any other walkway
>lights that I can get that are "quiet"?  Maybe the solar ones?
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