[RFI] Don't buy Hampton Bay LV Light Power Supplies!

N6KJ kelly at thejohnsons.ws
Mon Jul 14 22:44:12 EDT 2003

This is a follow-up to the recent LV light thread.  I swapped out the
old Hampton Bay (complete piece of junk) walkway light power supplies and
replaced them with a Intermatics (Malibu) transformer.  This solved the
LV light RFI problem as expected.  It also solved two other problems:
   1) I now have mechanical timers instead of photo on/off
   2) I no longer must put one light within about 10 or 15 of the power supply
So, I solved 3 problems at once.  

I'm now going back to Home Depot and register a complaint, since Home Depot
appears to be the primary supplier of these things.  In fact, Malibu told
me that Home Depot is no longer selling Malibu supplies and is selling
only these piece of junk Hampton Bay supplies.  They sure better give me
my money back.  Trust me, nobody wants one of these next door!

Thanks for the help in solving this everyone.

BTW, on the other noise front, I have narrowed my search for my other
"Unidentified Noise" to a Dry Cleaner about 100 yards down the street.
My #1 theory at this point is that it is one of their neon signs/lights
that is causing the problem.  I have to investigate further, but that's
my guess right now.

Thanks again.

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