[RFI] Chrysler Corp "JLW" order code experience

WA2BPE wa2bpe at infoblvd.net
Mon Jul 14 23:38:52 EDT 2003


Has anyone had any experience with the "JLW" sales code to specify a
suppressed EMC module when ordering a new vehicle?  This code appears on
the ARRL TIS pages under automotive EMI (article by Ed Hare, W1RFI) and
is supposed to help with mobile installations.  Today, a dealer told me
that it is a "police option" but I can't imagine not selling it since it
is not performance enhancement oriented.  I do not yet know the $$ for
same but need to know soon if it is worth consideration in a new Jeep to
replace my tired (and very noisey) '93 Ford Explorer.

Any information on using it or its specifications would be appreciated.

TIA, 73,

Tom - WA2BPE

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