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Your neighbor's TV has Audio Rectification.  

Have the owner install ferrites on the internal (and also any external)
speaker wires.  They can get them at Radio Shack in the 273- series
(purple) section.  Tell them to get the square ones.  You can get more
turns on them.  Installing external filters (Hi-pass & ferrite) might
help a little, but the only way to knock out audio rectification
completely is at the root cause of the problem at the audio circuit

If they ask why they should have to buy & install them, tell them their
TV audio board is "detecting" RF energy, and it's not supposed to do
that by design.  That's only suppose to happen in the tuner section.  I
don't know what your country's laws are concerning RFI.  It looks like
you may be in Australia.  (?)  If you don't have Radio Shack stores
there, you'll need to order ferrites over the web or find them locally
on your own.  Good luck!

 de ed -K0iL

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When I say telly i mean Television sorry bout the confusion everyone.  
I am only interfering with audio,  there is no video interference at
all, apparently I am just coming through the speakers, rasing the height
of my antenna has helped but not eleminated.

I am running a station master (sometimes known as Itron) it offeres
approx 3db of gain and it is a 5.75m vertical.

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