[RFI] Chrysler Corp "JLW" order code experience

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Wed Jul 16 12:07:02 EDT 2003

JLW has not been available for several years, depending on model.

Today's EMC performance is orders of magnitude better that it was when this
option was available.

Bill Gilmore  WB8FPQ
EMC Engineer
Electrical/Electronic Engineering

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Has anyone had any experience with the "JLW" sales code to specify a
suppressed EMC module when ordering a new vehicle?  This code appears on
the ARRL TIS pages under automotive EMI (article by Ed Hare, W1RFI) and
is supposed to help with mobile installations.  Today, a dealer told me
that it is a "police option" but I can't imagine not selling it since it
is not performance enhancement oriented.  I do not yet know the $$ for
same but need to know soon if it is worth consideration in a new Jeep to
replace my tired (and very noisey) '93 Ford Explorer.

Any information on using it or its specifications would be appreciated.

TIA, 73,

Tom - WA2BPE

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