[RFI] Any quiet NEW cars out there?

Mel Crichton kj9c at iquest.net
Wed Jul 16 18:27:17 EDT 2003

Ran HF mobile for yeas in a 1995 4 Runner, but now it's toast....looking for
another 4 wheeler to handle the deep snows in the mountains ...

Have visited some dealers with portable shortwave AM receiver in hand...

 I thought the '95 4Runner was noisy (my noise was was all ignition
wiring)....but the newer cars (1999 onward) are outrageous... computers,
fuel pumps, but just a little ignition noise.... so far, the later 4 Runners
are by far the noisiest SUVs I have tested, and none are as quiet as the 95
Runner was, which I cursed every time I took it on HF while driving..... now
it looks pretty good, in retrospect.

Does anybody have a source (or link) for info on the RFI generated by
vehicles by model/year?

And an overall ranking of how CURABLE those autos are? (anybody run mobile
in a neer Honda Odyssey, same engine as the Honda Pilot? )

I am considering collecting all the data for future reference, but maybe
somebody has done that already... a search of the web produces GENERAL
discussion on curing noisy vehicles, but nothing on IDENTIFYING (relatively)
quiet ones....

 I also am finding that most new cars have ZERO space for even remoted
control heads for HF radios... a pleasant surprise is the Honda Pilot....
LOTS of room! Even for a complete (small) HF radio like a K2.

Don't really want to go to a ten year old car to solve the problem, but
that's the last resort.

 Mel KJ9C

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