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Wed Jul 30 04:06:54 EDT 2003

It's a skin therapy for what sounds like skin cancer.


If you use Google search engine and type in Blu-u light in exactly 
that way, (I copied and pasted from you email )  You will come up 
with several hits and I think the model number and MFG is Levulan 
model 4170

I have a simular signal here only it sounds like motor noise from a 
idleing car and it goes on 24 hrs a day, day after day only on twenty 
but spread out across the band with a couple of peaks which are S6. 
My antenna picks it up to the NE of me and I suspect a couple of 
houses that must have a dimmer or some kind of such device, sure is a 

Good luck with your problem.  I've got a feeling this is going to get 
worse what with all the junk gadgets and clever devices  MFG's are 
coming out without any regard to licensed services and a FCC not that 
interested in HR.

Dale, K9VUJ

At 2:25 AM +0000 7/30/03, Steve wrote:
>I hope someone out there might be able to point me in the right 
>direction to resolving a interference problem that is being 
>generated by medical equipment being used at home.
>History:  A little over a week ago I started hearing a pulse type 
>tone on 20 meters and only 20 meters.  I started out trying to 
>locate the source by looking around the house by turning power off 
>to each of the rooms except the radio room but the problem was still 
>there.  I then went and one by one turned everything off with the 
>exception of the radio in the room and nothing found, still had the 
>interference.  Well this past weekend I finally was able to get 
>another ham who has HF in his van to come over and we went looking. 
>Well to make a 20 minute trip around the area shorter we were able 
>to pin point the source of the interference to a home two street's 
>over from my location.  I went up to talk to the owner and a women 
>answered the door and I explained what I was there for.  Of course 
>she did not appear to understand what I was saying except when I 
>described the interference and she indicated that about a week ago 
>she took delivery of a device called "Blu-u Light" from a company in 
>Ohio.  She said that her daughter was in stage T-3 with cancer.  I 
>asked her if she could provide me with the name of the company that 
>she had obtained the equipment from but she appeared that she did 
>not want to give out anymore information.  I said thank you for her 
>time and departed the area.  I have since contacted the major cancer 
>hospital in the area in an attempt to obtain some information on the 
>equipment but they did not have any information on the equipment and 
>recommend I contact the American Cancer Society but this was also a 
>dead end.  Two days ago I contacted the Colorado ARRL Director and 
>he is going to try and have the local RFI group confirm my findings 
>and make an attempt to find out who the company is that is providing 
>the equipment.
>I hope this will work out but anyone have any idea if they fail in 
>obtaining the information where to go next?
>This interference is being heard as high as 15MHZ and as low as 
>13MHZ and is strongest at 14.317.00  (60db over with 18db of 
>attenuation using a FT 1000MP).  Another station 2 miles away is 
>receiving the signal on the same frequency as S-7.  Maybe there is 
>someone in the medical field reading this might know something about 
>this device.  I'm sure if I can get to the manfacture they would 
>resolve the problem as I'm sure there is a problem with the 
>equipment with the interference I have and is this device really 
>providing the level of care that is required. Anyone know how the 
>FCC might react to this type of problem? (I almost suspect that the 
>signal is not a harmonic with it being so strong 2 miles away and 
>suspect that what ever is causing the transmissions is sending the 
>signal right on 14.317.00)
>Thanks for reading this
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