[RFI] re: BPL

David Jordan wa3gin at erols.com
Fri Jun 6 09:54:41 EDT 2003

Yes, and when you add National Security to the mix...power outages would 
mean data outages on the transmission lines.  That is unacceptible! 
 This BPL concept doesn't provide copper like availability which is 
required for any gov traffic.  I don't think we have anything to worry 

I'd like to know the group that sold the idea to the power 
companies...they must be some good marketeers, haha.


Pete Smith wrote:

> At 10:05 PM 6/5/03 -0400, David Jordan wrote:
>> If they can't make it work in japan it's not going to work 
>> here...however, the companies have a right to try it and the gov. 
>> can't do much more than watch them fail at it...no one here in DC 
>> thinks this mode is going to fly...the competition (cable, Satellite, 
>> DSL, ISDN, T1, POTS dial-up, wireless 3G, etc.)has a pretty good lock 
>> on the market!

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