[RFI] Automotive noise in new(er) SUVs

WA2BPE wa2bpe at infoblvd.net
Fri Jun 27 23:22:24 EDT 2003


I am looking for information/experience with ignition, fuel pump, light
dimming circuits (I believe Chrysler does this), injector noise, AC
noise, etc. for the following vehicles:

...In alphabetical order:

   * Subaru Forester
   * Jeep Grand Cherokee
   * Jeep liberty
   * Ford Explorer

Consider only 2001 and newer vehicles, please.

Also, how successful have efforts been dealing with various manfacturers
on EMI issues - good/bad?  Let's hear the war stories; obviously, some
dealers will be clueless.

My old '93 Explorer needs replacing thus information on newer vehicles
would be useful.  FWIW, the '93 has nasty ignition noise on at least the
BC band and the  120MHz aircraft band.  I just *may* want to go HF/VHF
mobile (non-FM) and if problems can be avoided before laying out big
bucks, so much the better.


TIA & 73,

Tom - WA2BPE

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