[RFI] Automotive noise - SUVs - update

WA2BPE wa2bpe at infoblvd.net
Mon Jun 30 23:14:17 EDT 2003


Tnx for the replies to date; please keep them coming.  Any comments
about any brand of truck or SUV are welcome.

(Original info request post to RFI 27 Jun; VHF & Icom 29 Jun.)

To date, by make (not necessarily model):

Worst - Ford; even diesels are bad (injector noise)

Best - seems (at present) to be a tie between GM & Jeep (don't know abt
other Chrysler products)

Bad HF; good VHF/UHF - Toyota

Haven't heard anything yet on Subaru, Nissan Pathfinder, etc.  Forget
Mercedes, can't afford one!  :-)

Any comments on dealing with the manfacturers?  One response was that
Ford knows abt problems but doesn't (seem to) care.  There have to be
some folks around here who have direct connections to the mfgrs.

This is getting interesting.


Tom - WA2BPE

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