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> There is a steady carrier on 145.260 to 145.265.  Have turned all AC
> power off in my apartment and it is still present.  I used the
> attenuator feature of my TH-F6A and have snooped around the
> building.  The signal strength indicator is just as strong on the
> two frequencies mentioned above.  I also have a old Icom 2AT two
> meter handheld and the signal is present on it also and also on
> the two meter base rig, a Azden PCS-6000H.  If I remove the outside
> antenna on the Azden I can hear this carrier down in the noise.
> Tuning off to 145.250 or 145.275 the signal sounds like there is
> a hash or buzzing sound.  Goes away at 145.220 and 145.290.  Snooped
> using the TH-F6 on the outside of the building with the attenuator
> activated.  The carrier is coming from the basement or garden level
> it appears.  I do not have good relations with tenants living in the
> garden level, so can not go snooping in those apartments.  What
> it be?  There is cable that contains, broadband Television, Internet
> and digital Telephone.  Have put the HT's near my cable even with
> cable not connected so it does not appear to be "leaky".  I have
> ready Television so I do not use a cable converter for the TV and it
> off most of the time. Have cable Internet, put the HT's near the
> modem, signal does not appear to be leaking out of it.
> I do not know how long the carrier has been interfering.  The local
> radio club put the two meter repeater back on the air after an long
> absence.  Assigned to 145.310 output, some times the hash or buzz
> the squelch from the interfering carrier and need to have the
> control all the way at the stop position to quiet the noise.  Also
> are repeaters that I listen to on 145.170 and 145.370 that seem not
> be effected even with "loose" squelch setting.
> What could the carrier be? Do not hear any audio on the signal.
> When there is a signal on the repeater output I can not hear any
> buzz or weird audio interference on 145.310.
> Any ideas?
> Jerry - K0HZI
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