Fw: [RFI] Two meter interference

J. Leon Pringle, Jr and Audrey S. Pringle w5na at megagate.com
Sun May 11 13:36:14 EDT 2003

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> Jerry:
> It sounds like you have a cable provider that uses an offset
> on channel "E".  Typically the offsets used in the the aeronautical
> band between 136-150Mhz is + or -  12.5Khz.  That would explain why
> you say it is real bad between 145.260 and 145.265.
> Contact your cable operator and ask to speak with their Technical
> supervisor or System Engineer.
> The cable operator may very well not be at fault and the problem
> be from something a customer has connected or perhaps altered the
> cable companies lines.  (viz:  no shielding integrity, poor
> interconnecting cables on VCR's, adding extra splitters that are not
> RFI'd etc)
> Be nice in dealing with them but be firm and don't back off as even
> the cable company didn't cause the problem, it is responsible for
> maintenance of its system under FCC rules can be punished for
> to prevent interference to authorized licensed services.  (Cable has
> secondary use of 145 Mhz as that is primarily an amateur radio
> assignment.  Good Luck!
> 73,
> J. Leon Pringle, Jr.   W5NA
> retired Cable System Engineer

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