[RFI] RE: A Serious Threat

WX5L wx5l at charter.net
Thu May 15 15:24:13 EDT 2003

>I'm under the impression that PLC will be used only to 
>carry the
>connection on the secondary - i.e. from the low voltage 
>side of the
>transformer into the home. (That's bad enough.)

Spam Magnet,

My understanding is that it's a point to point connection 
but that brings up an interesting thought....How can this 
RF traverse the transformers in the sub-stations and at 
the neighboorhood distribution transformers? 

In Japan this system has already been implemented with RFI 
complaints from the ham community. The PLC companies were 
forced to place 30 db notches in the PLC frequencies to 
protect the amateur frequencies.


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