[RFI] PLC Testing

Mike at RFI Services mike at rfiservices.com
Sun May 25 22:03:17 EDT 2003

At this time I have very little to offer concerning the PLC everyone is
concerned about.
I believe the reason for problems in the other countries has been
addressed and resolved.
Everyone has good reason to be concerned, do to the potential this type
of devise has. However, for what it's worth, I will soon be conducting
tests to discover the effects it will have on the Amateur Radio Bands as
well as others.
Please be patient and remember, like all new products, the manufacturer
won't publish all the info concerning the product until it is completed.
There is a very obvious reason for this. The market is very competitive.
I assure you the power companies involved don't want to introduce a
product that will cause a constant flow of complaints. Complaints a far
more expensive than the revenue PLC would bring in for quite some time.
Let's give this a chance. At least enough of a chance to be tested.
I will publish the results as soon as the tests are complete and the
approval has been given. Again at this time I don't have much to
forward. I promise I'll give you all I can as soon as I can. When I send
it, it will be the truth and the facts. It will not be guesses,
assumptions or hearsay.
Best wishes,
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