[RFI] Re: Wireless router EMC/RFI on 1,8 and up to 30MHz?

Martin Ewing AA6E aa6e at arrl.net
Sun Oct 12 23:35:09 EDT 2003

I am using a Linksys WRT54G DSL/wireless router in the shack.  The WiFi part 
causes no trouble, but the CPU inside (which runs Linux by the way) does its 
share of radiating.  It's pretty bad at various spot HF frequencies, but I can 
work around it.  When I get around to it, I may try to put it in a shielded box. 
  It comes in an RF-transparent plastic shell.

It has saved me lots of effort running CAT5 wiring throughout the house, but 
it's a mixed blessing if you care about weak signals.  (But CAT5 with 100baseT 
has its own problems.)

73, Martin AA6E


I am considering getting a wireless router to connect my home computers to
the ADSL internet connection.  Are there any comments from other hams on
RFI from these devices interfering with HF reception, or on their
robustness against RF field generated by nearby transmitters?

Any comments or suggestions regarding brand names - any manufacturers with
reputation for better/worse EMC than others?  In my case the local ISPs are
at the moment promoting wireless routers from Thomson-Alcatel and from

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.  73 de Kristinn, TF3KX

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