[RFI] Help RFI to keypad on stove

Dan Richardson k6mhe at adelphia.net
Sat Apr 17 12:06:54 EDT 2004


How about some info on your station setup? Where is your antenna located in 
relation to the house? Are you using a balun/choke at the antenna feed 
point? How is the transmission line routed? What type of station ground 
installation do you have?

Danny, K6MHE

At 09:30 PM 4/16/2004, you wrote:
>Weird problem When I run high power on 20 (didn't check other bands yet) the
>F1 flashes on the keypad of my kitchen stove and it starts to beep until I 
>cancel.  Had the stove awhile and didn't remember this happening before but
>who knows. Any ideas on hot rfi proof the keypad?
>Also my plug in CO detector was going off and I had to put an EMI filter on
>it to stop it. Is that common?
>Anyone have source for good plug in EMI filters?
>Gerry K1NY

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