[RFI] Investment vs. interference: BPL

Don Allen w9cw at intergate.com
Sat Apr 17 16:59:15 EDT 2004

>>Has Verizon figured out how to extend the range limitation on DSL?  I 
>>thought it used to be limited to X miles from a central office.

I don't believe so.  At least SBC hasn't figured out how to do it as 
yet.  I live on the eastern side of Urbana, IL - quite a distance from 
the central office - and no luck on DSL availablility.

This is a bit frustrating as the University of Illinois, located here in 
Urbana, is a historical and current hotbed of IT research and design.  
Heck, the U of I was the birthplace of Mosaic, the basic DNA of all web 
browsers, and many of us here can't even get DSL!  Our only option for 
boadband is cable and wireless.

Don W9CW

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