[RFI] Investment vs. interference: BPL

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OK, What is the problem if they get a piece at 5 gig?  I don't know what's
up there.

Tnx es 73, de Jim KG0KP

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> Somebody said that the power industry is speaking to the investment
> community about technology, and we're preaching to the choir.
> They're right.
> Guys...suggest you read this week's business week, p. 94 et.seq.
> on long distance broadband.  Intel and Moto are among the folks
> driving this...it operates in the "Uniband" at 5.8GHz...and provides
> 30 mile links, plus localized multi=point drops.   Intel has this
> as part of its 'Centrino' program.
> This past week, Verizon announced intention to roll out DSL service
> to unserved areas...expecting the whole country to be covered by 2006.
> BPL is too cumbersome to compete with the combination of cable, dsl
> and wireless broadband.  It will eventually prove non-viable.
> Fasten your seatbelts...the next demand will be for expansion at 5 GHz,
> to accomodate the rollout.
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