[RFI] BPL redux

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at comcast.net
Thu Jul 15 16:01:52 EDT 2004

This discussion is getting better...or our thinking is
improving, at least.

BPL is clearly more bits for more bucks.  Studies have shown that
it is uneconomic where there are fewer than 5 drops per wifi bridge
across a transformer.  Even with 5, it isn't less expensive than
existing dsl or cable service.  Which means, it won't be the panacea
for rural america which the Powell folks envision.

It will die a slow and painful death, due to lack of economy.  The 
question is, who shall endure the pain?   Most likely, it will be
stockholders in utilities which implement it, and spectrum users
who are blocked by interference.  

About the only certainty is the lack of FCC ability to respond to 
violations, and the sloth with which the power industry will respond
to complaints.

jimjarvis at ieee.org 

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