[RFI] Larry Magid's response vis a vis BPL

Rick Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Thu Jul 15 16:41:59 EDT 2004

Larry Magid's response to my letter is appended below.
AT&T is vaguely claiming that either
1) They notch the ham bands, or
2) They listen before transmitting.

The first idea, as actually implemented, hasn't worked
well.  The second idea, of course is a non-starter.
We need to get the ARRL and AT&T together to see
what is up here.  We could be optimistic and hope
they invented a notching scheme that actually works.
The claim as currently presented to the media, can't
be refuted because there is not enough detail.

Rick N6RK

Thanks for writing. For what it's worth this subject came up during the
demonstration yesterday.  The folks from AT&T claimed that they leave a
channel in
the spectrum where hams operate and that there will be no interference.
said that hams are being paranoid, though he didn't use those words.  I'm
not saying
they were right, just telling you what they said.

On the other hand, one guy from AT&T made a bit of a speech about how
there are
fewer and fewer hams and that the FCC should re-allocate some of those
where they are needed.  FCC chair Michael Powell made a statement about how
important ham operators are and that they wil be protected.

I appreciate hearing from you and many other radio operators.

Larry Magid
larry at larrymagid.com

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