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Yes, but publishing street addresses of BPL installations won't help you sort out the difference between BPL and a washing machine.

>From my canned responses:

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ARRL has information on what to do if a field trial is coming to your area at:


For those that want to make more quantified measurements:


For those that think they may be experiencing BPL interference:

The ARRL videos, available at http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/HTML/plc#video contain sound.
A description of the several types of BPL was featured at:
It is important that BPL interference be properly identified and reported.  See: 

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> >I will point out that I am not publicizing the specific
> >information I have on BPL locations, for pretty obvious
> >reasons. Those hams that are willing and able to help should
> >do so through the local amateurs that are working with their
> >local utilities and BPL providers across the country. To do
> >otherwise could well be working at cross purposes with those
> >local efforts, and with local hams donating hundreds of
> >hours collectively, no one should make things any harder.
> >The few posts I have see from hams offering to "solve" the
> >BPL problem by parking 500-watt mobile stations under the
> >lines or engaging in some good old target practice should
> >alert anyone that such information should not be published
> >openly.>>>
> >
> >I certainly agree with that!!!
> >
> >Good intentions like that could cook our goose! Honestly,
> >some of the more level-headed approaches are technically
> >embarrassing to read. All we need are the mobs of hotheads.
> >
> >73 Tom
> >
> >
> Yes, but for us non-hotheads it would be nice to know if I'm hearing 
> a wash machine or BPL.  I know little about BPL and what to look for. 
> Noise is noise I guess, shall I just contact the power co. and report 
> a noisy line or what?  We've been hyped up about this so lets get the 
> information out to the field, they know why shouldent we.  Secrets 
> only cause rumors.
> Dale, K9VUJ
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