[RFI] BPL/HomePlug & WiFi

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at comcast.net
Mon Jul 19 13:14:24 EDT 2004

We need not to lose sight of the fact that every one of
the BPL proposals incorporates a WiFi solution to bridge
the local transformer.  The lower 4 channels of WiFi are
within the 2.4GHz amateur band.  

Should we care?  If we hope to be able to use satellites
in future, we should.  

Moreover, consider what happens if there IS a build-out of
BPL.  The existing WiFi space is already overrun with cochannel
interference from wireless AP's, and 2.4GHz cordless phones. 
There is a 5GHz slot where 802.11G presently operates.  Somewhat
less problematic, more space, but also overlaps one of our two
5GHz ham bands.   

jimjarvis at ieee.org 

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