[RFI] RE: low vhf

Berry W6EZ serazin at pacbell.net
Mon Jul 19 15:11:50 EDT 2004

>CHP does not operate in city neighborhoods.
>So it is a nonissue with the usual city BPL trials.
>Rick N6RK

I suppose this may be true in some places but in my city (Modesto, CA) 
there are several highways that run through town.
One major high way runs across the west side about 1 mile from my home. 
The main drag through town is also a highway
 and the CHP operates on certain county roads to control commuters from 
the bay area. ALL of these venues mean that in
most areas of the city, every residence is within  1 1/2 miles of an 
area where the chp patrols.

In my case, the chp patrols less than 60 yards from my house and that 
road has the power lines that feed all the subdivisions
in this area.

Berry W6EZ

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