[RFI] Why we badly need "party line" materials for all hams

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Mon Jul 19 16:26:15 EDT 2004

> They are both right but there is a large chasm between
them and it is up to
> ARRL to fill that void.  Otherwise, hams are unprepared
for media attention
> and those who do get interviewed sound like a bunch of old
pharts whining about
>  the loss of their hobby.


We need a site that is NOT publicly all over the Internet or
better yet closed access where spies can't see what we are
up to.

We need to reign in the well-intentioned people in our
fraternity who are actually doing us harm, which includes
those who have data that could be good but who present it in
a way that makes us look technically uneducated. (As an
example using S meter readings .)

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