[RFI] Pin Arcing

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I generally advise against the technique. In some cases, what is loose on the pole can come down.  It would not be very productive to diagnose the problem by dropping the bad insulator through the windshield of the passing car... or on your own head if you care more about that! :-)

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> > Often a little shaking of the pole's guy wires can have
> the desired effect,
> > and has the added advantage of being able to stand far
> enough away so that
> > if anything should fall, it is unlikely to hit you.
> Careful now about shaking guy wires. A sledge hammer is
> actually much safer. A hard hammer tap won't hurt a thing. A
> good guyline shake might cause a big problem.
> Just the slightest movement will break up the noise, so a
> violent shake is not required.
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