[RFI] Why we badly need "party line" materials for all hams

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In case it was missed in the back and forth:

Backgrounder on BPL:

Narrated BPL video:

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> I don't find this thread tiresome at all.  It is exactly the 
> kind of  dialog 
> that needs to happen.
> Dave is right, we need to bridge the gap between the 
> excellent technical  
> work Ed has done and the techknownothings in the media.  Ed 
> is right that  
> resources are limited and he is not tasked with preparing 
> such materials.  
> They are both right but there is a large chasm between them 
> and it is up to  
> ARRL to fill that void.  Otherwise, hams are unprepared for 
> media attention  
> and those who do get interviewed sound like a bunch of old 
> pharts whining about 
>  the loss of their hobby.
> I found Dave's analysis of the article brilliant.
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