[RFI] Why we badly need "party line" materials for all hams

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Tue Jul 20 13:47:29 EDT 2004

> The video does a very nice job of demonstrating the impact
> interference, but would be 10X more effective with non-ham
audiences if
> the impacted communications were those of law enforcement
or public
> safety rather than a ham net and Radio Nederland.


I've always said the same thing. I'd even drag the Red Cross
into it, if you find trash on their frequency.

I would think a demonstration of airliners on HF (they must
use ~ 5.6MHz when they fly over my house, because I hear
them on the IF of my R4C if I have the shields off) would be
very effective.

This is how strong the aircraft is, this is how strong BPL
is. Have a nice safe flight.

73 Tom

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