[RFI] Amateur transceiver must accept interference?

Cortland Richmond ka5s at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 24 02:05:15 EDT 2004

Any receiver operating between 30 and 960 Mhz (and radar detectors in their
own ranges) must meet specific FCC Part 15 requirements. These deal with
things like LO radiation. A device containing or including a receiver, a
tranceiver for one, must meet those requirements so far as its receiver is
concerned. The RECEIVER may not cause harmful interference and the
requirement to accept interference, part of Part 15's boilerplate, does not
override the Radio Treaty or Part 2 and 15 provisions prohibiting
interference to reception of licensed radio services. IMO, the label needs


> [Original Message]
> I just now took note of the wording on the sticker on my Icom
> IC-706MkIIG, according to which this is a Part 15 device that "must
> accept any interference received."
> How does that relate to the whole RFI situation, especially wrt BPL?
> > Alan AB2OS

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