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I'm at a conference, and have limited access to my email.  If you haven't
communicated with Sudeep Reddy, and let him know that hams DID try
to testify and were thrown a curveball....you should.   

If you need Reddy's email address, msg me privately, and I'll look it up


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> Please don't let these folks here this: 
> N5GAR, NZ5V, AE5B, N5AC a couple of others that I cannot remember their 
> calls and myself spent a lot of time on this and we will continue to do so. 
> There were folks ready to testify and did not only because SB 1748 was 
> removed from the agenda. 
> If you are involved in this effort let me know. You are welcome to the 
> fight. We wish there were more but that is the way it is. 
> Bill Lawless - W5WRL 
> ARRL WTX Assistant Section Manager 
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> Folks, 
> Sudeep Reddy msg'd me back on my note--thought you might find the tone of 
> his note interesting. Professional. Sympathetic. 
> Aware. See below. Of particular note was the lack of amateur 
> protests to the committee. 
> N2EA 
> Jim, 
> Thanks for your note. I do plan on following up on some of these issues 
> (especially the technology questions) if this legislation continues moving 
> forward. Last week's story was merely meant to note the bill's passage so 
> that folks could weigh in if they wanted. I'm somewhat surprised that the 
> objectors (especially the radio operators) haven't testified in front of the 
> Senate committee to raise some alarms. I'm aware of the interference 
> questions and fully expected some public screaming matches. But alas, there 
> was silence. 
> As for the socialized grid, I think Smitty meant that the grid is socialized 
> in the sense that everybody pays for it now through electricity charges. 
> Everybody wouldn't necessarily pay for BPL, at least in this version of the 
> bill. I don't know why investors would put up the billions for it as 
> wireless technology advances. But I guess some people haven't learned from 
> the last telecom bust. 
> Take care, 
> Sudeep 
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