[RFI] Buying a new TV

N6KJ n6kj at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 18:07:22 EST 2005

I'm once again taking a look at the TV market.
I'm particularly interested in a flat LCD/Plasma HDTV
unit.  I currently own a 35" Mitsubishi (10 years old)
which has TVI problems when I operate 40/80 meters.
I've been unable to eliminate it no matter what I
do.  I've reduced it considerably with toroids on
all the inputs, proper grounding of the 
surge-suppressor, moving my transmit antennas farther
away, etc. but I have been unable to eliminate it.
Another "cheap" TV in my house has never had a
problem.  In addition, the Mitsubishi used to
put out birdies on 20M until I added the toroids.

My question is: how do I protect myself when buying
a new television?  I can't "easily" take my
40 or 80 meter rig and antenna into the showroom
to check for interference, assuming I buy the TV
at a showroom instead of mail order.  All
mail order places seem to have a hefty "restocking"
fee if you return merchandise, not to mention the
cost of shipping it back.  Even showrooms don't
want to take these things back.

I could take a portable rig and check as much as
I can at the showroom, but it's not really practical
to check all bands.  In my case, my current TV is
most susceptible to 80M (the color burst circuitry
seems to be the problem).  It's certainly not
practical to run 80M in a showroom.

Anyone know of a major
retailer (Best Buy or similar?) that has a
30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked?

Any good suggestions?  

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