Ron Feutz feutz at wctc.net
Sat Jan 15 00:09:18 EST 2005


I put #43 torroids on both the CAT5 input and the power lead (about 12 
turns each), and grounded the chassis of the digital convertor to the 
center screw of the AC outlet, and no improvement in my TVI situation. The 
only other wire coming out of the convertor is the RG6 cable to the TV 
distribution system.

I will try a coax choke on the feedline next, but don't expect any 
improvement from that as I have a 400' run laying on the ground to the six 
pack switch and the antennas are all beyond that.  My shack TV shows no 
sign of TVI other than the digital signal freezing and then disappearing 
when I key the rig, so I don't think RF coming in via any coax or control 
wiring is the culprit.  The only time I have consistent problems is on 160 
with high power and the 4-square pointed at the house.  The problem is 
sporadic on 80 and 40, where the antennas are dipoles with current 
baluns.  No problems on 20-10.

I would appreciate any suggestions from the experts.


Ron  KK9K

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