Tim Groat tcgroat at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 16 14:37:00 EST 2005

>Ron Feutz <feutz at wctc.net>:
>I put #43 torroids on both the CAT5 input and the power lead (about 12
>turns each), and grounded the chassis of the digital convertor to the
>center screw of the AC outlet, and no improvement in my TVI situation. The
>only other wire coming out of the convertor is the RG6 cable to the TV
>distribution system.

The lead from the chassis to the AC outlet ground may be creating a sneak 
path around your line cord ferrite. Try removing that lead from the digital 
converter. It may be the coupling path for RF. If the converter needs a 
chassis ground for safety, it should already have a three conductor cord 
and plug (UL, CSA, etc. requirements).

Consider every conductor attached to the converter box as a potential path 
for common-mode RF entry. You may need to put a choke on all of them before 
the problem goes away.

Good luck, and don't give up yet!

--Tim (KR0U)

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