[RFI] High Power Wi-Fi

Dan Violette danki6x at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 22 15:54:00 EST 2005

Yes, 32mW is standard for current D-Link, Linksys, etc.  I was told once
that Linksys used to be 100mW.

Dan KI6X

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I just returned from a computer store where I saw a crop of "high 
power" Wi-Fi routers and PCCard interfaces. The routers claimed 200 
mW and has removable antennas (SMA's, I think). The PCCards were 
labeled 100 mW.  

Does anyone know what sort of power level the garden variety units 
are running?  One of my friends looked at the book for his Apple 
base station and it said 15dBm, which I would interpret as 32 mW. Is 
this typical?  What do FCC Rules currently allow?  Are these newer 
units the result of Rules change?

Jim Brown K9YC

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