[RFI] Ethernet RFI

Ian White, G3SEK G3SEK at ifwtech.co.uk
Mon Jan 24 04:55:52 EST 2005

Jim Brown wrote:
>If your eyes were good enough and you had a good magnifying glass, you 
>could, indeed, check for wiring errors. The assumption that the wiring 
>is satisfactory is NOT. There are, for example, installation- related 
>faults that can degrade data transmission -- sharp bends, damage to the 
>cable, lacing of the cable, etc. Data cable should not, for example, be 
>laced. Rather it should lie loose. There are a lot of reasons for this, 
>and I suspect some of the references cited in this thread will address them.
>Bottom line -- there's a lot more to data cabling than meets the eye,

Thanks to everyone for the information - I for one have really learned 
something from this.

>and the precision test set really is required.
Maybe first we need a way to check if there really *is* any problem 
affecting data transfer, and also to check if anything changes when we 
hit the system with RF.

Are there software utilities that can monitor the data rates and levels 
of retries, and show if the system is shifting into 'low gear'?

73 from Ian G3SEK         'In Practice' columnist for RadCom (RSGB)

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