[RFI] Ethernet RFI

sebdesn sebdesn at ecentral.com
Mon Jan 24 10:34:36 EST 2005

<Bottom line -- there's a lot more to data cabling than meets the
<eye, and the precision test set really is required.

<Jim Brown  K9YC

Jim, as an additional question near to this subject. The incoming telco wire
for a dsl line;
Is the overal length and make up critical?
 My line hits the house about three feet from the modem connection. However,
it goes into the attic,then to the basement, and then back to the modem area
probably a total of a 100' of 50 year old wire.Would I gain anything by
getting into the box at the down lead and plugging a blocking filter on the
wiring to the house, and then adding a separate cat 5 run for the ten feet
directly to the modem? Any enlighten would be appreciated!


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