[RFI] Re: Ethernet wiring

ve3yv at pathcom.com ve3yv at pathcom.com
Tue Jan 25 15:41:15 EST 2005

The standard for Ethernet wiring has another wrinkle - not all pairs are 
adjacent in the RJ-45 plug.  See the attached link for reference.  Also, for 
home wiring you can cheat as only two of the four pairs are used for signal 
(the powered emerging standard is a different story).   Handy if you need to 
make a second drop without pulling another cable (and/or you're a true ham and 
too cheap to run two wires or go wireless).

FYI - All of my wired drops are wrapped around old ferrite AM radio loopsticks 
on each end, as are the wall warts going to the router and DSL modem.  Didn't 
wait to see if I'd have problems, just did it to feel good.  Still feeling 
good - no RF ingress or egress yet noted.  Of course, YMMV, probably during a 
major contest or pile-up for a new one.



George  VE3YV / K8HI

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