[RFI] RF Noise Identification Website Update

k.alexander at sympatico.ca k.alexander at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 25 23:20:22 EST 2005

The RF Noise Identification Website (http://www.ve3hls.com) was updated tonight with 
the addition of 14 new noise files in MP3 format.

Several of the new files remain unidentified.  Maybe you will recognize one and can help 
to identify it.  There are also new recordings of some noises from known sources, such 

- cable internet router
- electronic insect repeller
- 5-port ethernet switch
- Toshiba cable modem
- high pressure sodium streetlight (in the process of failing)
- camcorder battery charger

The purpose of the website is to help hams and SWLs like you and me to identify the 
noises (QRN) that intrude on our listening.  The site contains a growing library of 
recordings in MP3 format that you can download or listen to while online.  The 
recordings are of various types of noises from known sources and some that haven't 
been identified.  I have also included small waveform images that provide an additional 
"fingerprint" for identification.  My hope is that users will visit the site if they have QRN 
problems and be able to identify noise that's bothering them by comparing it to the 

I would also greatly appreciate contributions in the form of recordings of noises at your 
location as well.  I will convert them to MP3 format and add them to the web page (with 
credit to you) for all to listen to.  WAV or MP3 files, audio cassettes or CDs will be 
gratefully accepted.  See the website for additional details.

Thanks and 73,

Ken Alexander, VE3HLS

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