[RFI] Free Spectrum Welfare for the BPL Industry

Cliff Hazen cliffhazen at peoplepc.com
Wed Jan 26 13:25:51 EST 2005


Australia has an interesting fee schedule for frequency spectrum users, all
private users pay including BPL. In these time of severe budget deficits in
the USA bordering on Federal bankruptcy perhaps it is time for the BPL
industry to step up to the plate of citizenship responsibilty and pay for
their spectrum usage like every other private user.
We hams certainly pay for our federal license and use costs with fees based
upon cost to the taxpayer. The industry will maintain a database of systems
in use, the FCC could use this to set fee schdules based upon spectrum used,
TX power, FCC staff time invested in handling BPL matters including amateur
and home electronics consumer complaints of BPL interference and regulatory
issues such as monopolist practices pursued by state regulators against the

Time to get our Congress up to speed on this new potential for federal
revenue from a valuable resource.  The cellular industry certainly stepped
up to the plate and financially supports America

Cliff N7HIY

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