[RFI] RFI and Hybrid vehicles - What are MFRs afraid of ?

Cortland Richmond ka5s at earthlink.net
Thu May 5 14:54:22 EDT 2005

It's their warranty; manufacturers can and do -- Porsche is one, if I
recall correctly -- forbid use of ANY after market electronics. However, US
manufacturers have in the past not been quite so restrictive. I suspect the
only thing that would make any of our Big Three this sensitive about EMC is
if they had been unable to get their new model to meet the SAE automotive
EMC standards.

This may be reflected in marketing. If versions sold to government agencies
require special wiring I will view that as evidence my conjecture is on

Of course one way to comply with that poorly written (IMO) warranty
restriction is to use military or commercial gear not marketed as "HAM"


> [Original Message]
> From: n6ki at juno.com <n6ki at juno.com>
> Recently I posted a query to this reflector asking if anyone had info
> about RFI and Hybrid Vehicles and effects to the vehicle or vice-versa.
> Thansk for all who responded - I forwarded the info to Joe W6VNR.
> Now Joe sent me this...
> "Well, I talked to Ford again, 
> The Ford Escape Hybrid in the owners manual specifically FORBIDS use of
HAM ( they spell it out HAM ) radio equipment in the hybrid vehicle. 
> JH"
> Ok, so what is it that the car manufacturers are so afraid of?
> Don't they do tests that bombard these vehicles with RF at differnet
Frequencies and Power Levels ???

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