[RFI] Gas generator ignition noise

Alan NV8A (ex. AB2OS) nv8a at att.net
Thu May 5 23:20:13 EDT 2005

Can't you still get the suppressor resistors that screw between the coil 
and the lead or the ones that get connected into a cut plug lead?


Alan NV8A

On 05/05/05 10:54 pm Missouri Guy, N0TT tossed the following ingredients 
into the ever-growing pot of cybersoup:

> Field Day is just around the corner and my 1967 vintage Sears
> generator is causing ignition noise on all the ham bands.  The 
> ignition coil recently had to be replaced and the only replacement 
> was one with a wire lead instead of a resistive lead impregnated with
> carbon.  
> The spark plug is the resistive type.
> I was thinking of using some hi-u ferrite beads over the ignition wire
> to reduce/eliminate the noise, especially on the lowbands.  Has
> anyone tried that?  And did it suppress the noise for you?

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