Dave Jordan wa3gin at erols.com
Fri May 6 21:48:05 EDT 2005

This is from an engineering friend at Ford:

Found a manual and here is the only excerpt that mentions amateur or ham radio:

• The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Canadian Radio 
Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulate the use of mobile 
communications systems — such as two-way radios, telephones and 
theft alarms - that are equipped with radio transmitters. Any such 
equipment installed in your vehicle should comply with FCC or CRTC 
regulations and should be installed only by a qualified service 

• Mobile communications systems may harm the operation of your 
vehicle, particularly if they are not properly designed for automotive 

• To avoid interference with other vehicle functions, such as anti-lock 
braking systems, amateur radio users who install radios and antennas 
onto their vehicle should not locate the Amateur Radio Antennas in 
the area of the driver’s side hood. 

• Electrical or electronic accessories or components that are added to 
the vehicle by the dealer or the owner may adversely affect battery 
performance and durability.

I lurk on the reflector with my work account but do not want to post from that account for the risk of becoming the Ford focal point when that activity is supposed to be the dealer.  I can't post from my home account since that one isn't registered.

Feel free to post this if you would like.


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