[RFI] [Fwd: Re: Easiest Solution to the Hybrid Car Problem]

Erik Weaver, n0ew tinytroll at radiomonkey.org
Sat May 7 11:18:09 EDT 2005

> Buy a diesel car.

Hi All,

I drive big trucks (tracker-trailers/semi-trucks). The new computer
controlled fuel systems can, and often do, cause RFI. Sometimes it is just
annoying and sometimes it wipes out entire bands.

I've not experienced this in pre-2001 models but I have consistently noted
this problem in 2004/2005 models.

In one case I think the offending component was in the fuel flow control.
It was NOT in the turbo. While low-level RFI was always present when the
engine ran, just a second or so after "hammering it" (pressing the fuel
feed peddle to the floor) the RFI would kick in... just after the turbo
had spun up to speed, and corresponding to when the acceleration picked
up. The magnitude of RFI would increase / decrease with RPMs as well.

This RFI is picked up by the antenna, not through the wiring. I am finding
this very, very common with new Freightliners.

With regard to smaller diesels ("4-wheelers"), I'll agree they are very
nice to drive. I have an old 1982 Mercedes. I like it and while my primary
vehicle is a 1985 350-8-cylinder gas-hog, I would certainly purchase a
diesel over gasoline were every other item equal in the choice: I like
them and certainly recommend them to others.

-Erik n0ew

Erik E. Weaver
erik at n0ew.org

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