[RFI] RFI Detector?

EDWARDS, EDDIE J eedwards at oppd.com
Tue Oct 4 09:19:01 EDT 2005

Very good msg Frank.  Nice to have another utility person on here!  

Most of the veterans on this list know this info, but you never know
who's lurking (obviously).

The one thing I did want to say was that hams, being more technically
competent than the average person should try to locate the noise source
themselves whenever possible.  They should also heed your words on being
patient (to a point) and courteous.  Provide your source location info
to the investigator and briefly explain how you tracked the noise, but
don't try to tell him how to do his job which may come across as
insulting.  Again, be courteous.  

If we hams are calling on every little device in the neighborhood, most
not power company devices, how long before you think we'll get a
reputation for being a pest?  Verifying it's not in your own house is a
prerequisite to not being a pest.  

Besides, while tracking the noise, you might just learn something along
the way.  

73, de ed -K0iL
Omaha, NE

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I am a Communications Specialist and Interference Investigator for a
electric utility.

The company provides me with very esoteric and expensive tools
designed to locate "sparking" interference sources typically caused by
voltages carried on our transmission and distribution facilities.


Call your power company and ask for an interference investigation. My 
employer does not charge customers for interference investigations...no 
matter how long it takes...even if the problem ends up being something
your home and not in any way related to the power lines. If the service
free, take advantage of it. Your request should at least imply that the 
power lines are causing interference to your equipment :-)

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