[RFI] Strange noise

Yuri Onipko ve3dz at rac.ca
Mon Oct 10 23:28:14 EDT 2005

A while ago I posted a message regarding a noise I'm having time to time
(mostly on weekends) on 20 m.
After about a month of search and investigations it appeared that this noise
is produced by washing machine at my neighbor's house located some 60 meters
from my antenna.
Unfortunately, I don't know the type of the washer, and I don't think I will
be allowed to have too many attempts to fix it, so my question is what would
be the best solution to fix this problem? I'm thinking about putting the AC
line filter and wind few turns of the power cord on a toroid. I have few AC
filters from older computers, are these Okay? Can I install two in series?
Is there something else I can do? As I said I might have just a single
attempt so I would prefer to do as much as possible at once.
Thanks for your help.

Yuri  VE3DZ

Original message:
While operating WAE Contest this morning I noticed strange noise on 20
meters. I have this noise at every 16-17 KHz portion of the band (i.e.
14118.5, 14134, 14150, 14166, 14182.5, 14199, 14215.5 and so on) and it is
approx. 2-3 KHz wide.
Peaking S9 on 14199 and fading to about S6...7 on the edges.
It appears most of the time for 9...10 seconds, then disappears for 3-4
seconds and then comes back. Sometimes it lasts 4-5 seconds , but mostly
around 10 seconds.
With my beam I found the bearing which is 60...70 degrees (almost my direct
short path to EU) and the noise completely disappears when I turn my beam
20-30 degrees off each side.
Is this some kind of electric fence? I would appreciate any advise from the
Yuri  VE3DZ

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