[RFI] New noise -

Henry Pfizenmayer pfizenmayer at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 11 22:32:03 EDT 2005

Just had something appear the past couple nights that is almost wiping out 
the bottom end of 80 meters . It appears it is probably not  real local 
because during the day I can barely hear it but its MUCH louder after dark.

 It sounds like data packets about every 23 to 24 seconds which last about 3 
seconds.The packets seem like multi tones on a carrier ,(lots of sidebands) 
but it is very strong from about 3430 khz to about 3550 khz.

 Hard to determine a heck of a lot every 24 seconds in 3 seconds !

 Anyhow - any ideas where to start ?

 Rgds - Hank K7HP 

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