[RFI] BPL vs shares & ham radio....KATRINA

Bill NY9H ny9h at arrl.net
Fri Sep 2 12:30:29 EDT 2005

Been listening to 7.285 for a few days ,,,,
this AM the NCS (Net Control)  of the SHARES network passed to the 
West Golf ARES ( that would be as in HAM RADIO) network traffic for 
an emergency rescue in  Biloxi.... to Kessler Air Force Base.....!!!!!

That prompted me to send by Email and letter to Mark Kirk ( my 
Congressman and on the committee that directs the FCC) my concern for 
the interference that BPL causes  BOTH  THE FEDERAL SHARES , MARS & 
ARES systems....

I suggest you write a letter and email him and your local Senator.
Until us northerners are invited to go South & help, we should take 
the opportunity to keep the air clean enough to be ABLE TO HELP.....

Bill NY9H

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