[RFI] BPL vs shares & ham radio....KATRINA

Bill NY9H ny9h at arrl.net
Fri Sep 2 14:59:34 EDT 2005

Maybe my email implied that the nets were receiving interference from BPL.
I did NOT mean to suggest that,,,,
I mean to suggest that continued implementation, especially a large 
one, would/could/should cause problems.


At 11:30 AM 9/2/2005, Bill NY9H wrote:

>Been listening to 7.285 for a few days ,,,,
>this AM the NCS (Net Control)  of the SHARES network passed to the
>West Golf ARES ( that would be as in HAM RADIO) network traffic for
>an emergency rescue in  Biloxi.... to Kessler Air Force Base.....!!!!!
>That prompted me to send by Email and letter to Mark Kirk ( my
>Congressman and on the committee that directs the FCC) my concern for
>the interference that BPL causes  BOTH  THE FEDERAL SHARES , MARS &
>ARES systems....
>I suggest you write a letter and email him and your local Senator.
>Until us northerners are invited to go South & help, we should take
>the opportunity to keep the air clean enough to be ABLE TO HELP.....
>Bill NY9H
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